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Eat the Rainbow at Carrickfergus Castle Triathlon

Eat the Rainbow is proud to support local initiatives! After last year first Carrickfergus Castle Triathlon we have joined its Team. We are honoured to be able work together! Thank you

2018 was first Year of Carrickfergus Castle Triathlon. Although it was independent (still is) it was one of the best events organised locally! It gives great opportunity for everyone interested in triathlon to start their journey. Eat the Rainbow would love help everyone to make that journey easier. We have knowledge and tools to prepare you from nutrition point of view.

At Eat the Rainbow we create your Healthy Nutrition Plan for you to be sure that you are ready for your race at Carrickfergus Castle Triathlon!

Together with the Race organisers we are planning competition with great prizes so, keep an eye on our web, social media pages to not miss that!

We can’t wait to see you all at the start line on 30th of June in Carrickfergus!

Eat the Rainbow sponsors Carrickfergus Castle Triathlon

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