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Almond cookies

I have created this recipe only because I hate to waste a food.

I make my almond milk at home for a while now, but I was always struggling with what to do with this almond mash that is left over. No long time ago I have friends over for coffee and then I decided to try new ingredient for my famous porridge cookies.I usually mix porridge with cranberries and sunflowers seed, but this time I used almond mash and orange peels. And you know what??? It was a winner- big time winner!!!
I assume not all of you are making their own almond milk so for that reason you can simply use almond flex or crashed almonds.
For all of those people which have never had time to cook or bake- it will take only 5 minutes to prepare so NO excuses this time, sorry! 🙂
So let’s do it!
But before we start I just want to point out few benefits of orange peels:
– helps in weight loss (good amounts of fibre)
– prevents digestive complications (again fibre)
– relives respiratory problems (high levels of histamine)
– improves oral health (also great to fight bad breadth)
– improves heart health (contains nobiletin )

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